Studio Policy and General information:


- You MUST be 18 years of age or older to get tattooed. NO EXCEPTIONS. You are required to bring Government issue ID to EVERY session.

-Clients who are pregnant or breastfeeding WILL NOT BE TATTOOED AT THIS TIME.

-Hourly rate is $185/hour.

  • there is a $20 set up fee for each individual session that covers excess materials and bandaging.

  • Quotes given are approximate and are not 100%. Cost may vary dependent on things such as clients skin, size changes, clients ability to sit etc.


  • Please contact me regarding your tattoo via email and INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION:

  • what you want for subject(s)

  • where on your body you want the tattoo

  • how large you want the tattoo (approx. in inches)

  • What style and if you want the tattoo in black and grey or color

  • send reference (MAX 5 photos) and describe anything else you might want in the tattoo

I believe in giving each tattoo the attention it deserves, and therefore only take new drawings a few times a year. This way I can make sure to get my clients drawings the time they need, as well as get the tattoo sessions booked in together in a reasonable amount of time. Please understand patience is needed and that it might take a bit to get back to your email. Thank you in advance.


  • PLEASE EAT before your tattoo session. It is also advisable to bring snacks and drinks (non-alcoholic) to your appointment to help with the duration of the procedure and to avoid complications such as fainting.

  • PLEASE SHOWER. This is out of respect for your artist and the art.

  • Do not tan 24 hours before hand.

  • DO moisturize for up to one week prior. This helps the skin keep its elasticity and makes it far easier to apply the pigment.

  • Get a good sleep!

  • Come dressed appropriately!! If you are having your back tattooed, please wear something that allows access to this area etc.

  • Do not come in hungover.

  • Please GO LIGHT on the perfume or cologne.


  • Feel free to bring entertainment. Netflix is available as well as music. however, its totally acceptable to bring your own music, laptop, books etc.

  • Bring food and drink as stated above. Especially if it is a long session, you will need that energy.

  • Bring comfort items. Pillows in clean cases are welcome, as are bath robes,

  • there is no smoking or vaping in the studio. no exceptions.

-Do not consume alcohol for at least 8 hours prior to your appointment as this thins the blood and can  increase sensitivity as well as effect the healing.

-If you intend to bring a guest, please notify the artist prior to the session. As this is a private studio, there is a limit to the number of clientele allowed in the space at one time.

-Post final tattoo, Touch-ups are available. There is a $40 touch up fee per session. 

  • this reduced rate is available for one year after the final session on a piece. After that time period, regular rates apply. HAND AND FOOT TATTOOS are not covered under this touch up fee due to high wear and tear on the areas. Please talk to Anastasia directly regarding your touchups on these areas and cost.

  • If you don't follow the healing instructions given and issues arise, it is at artist discretion to charge full rates even within the initial year after.

  • If you miss your appointment or do not give the appropriate amount of notice to cancel or change (see below in booking and deposits) you forefit the reduced rate touch-up.

  • Touch-ups will NOT be done between May and September summertime is the worst time for damage to tattoos, therefore final touchups will be done prior or after this time.



- COME PREPARED!!! Be clear and concise at the time of your consultation. If you have reference, have it on hand (try to narrow down images to help the process along).  Awesome hand drawn ideas are welcome (and yes, even if you cant draw, it is always helpful!)

-The consultation itself is free, however, there will be a Deposit required at the time of the consultation.

  • In the case of a "re-draw" of design, the deposit may be taken at the discretion of the artist, otherwise this deposit will be used towards the tattoo appointment. So again, BE CLEAR AND CONSICE!

-Please understand that a custom drawing TAKES TIME. If you are in a severe rush, make that known during the consultation as your artist may or may not be able to take on the piece in the time you require if there is  a rush.


- In order to book your tattoo appointment you will be required to leave a deposit.  This is to hold your appointment and ensure that you will be making it.

-Deposits are FORFEIT under the following circumstances:

  • the client has not given sufficient notice to change or cancel the appointment. The notice required is 72 hours.

  • the client is more than 30 min late for their appointment.

  • the client misses their appointment or comes in on the wrong day or at the wrong time.

  • the client does not have sufficient government issue identification.

  • The client arrives at the appointment in conditions which will not allow them to be tattooed (ie. intoxicated, injured, or unaware).

- If it is the last tattoo appointment for the current design (in which case the deposit is no longer needed to hold future appointments), the deposit can be used towards the cost of the final session.



Healing with Hypafix or saniderm:

  • Leave the bandage on for three days

    • during this time, fluid will collect in the bandage itself. do not drain it or force it out. the body will re-absorb this fluid as part of the healing process.

    • you can shower normally, but avoid rubbing or pulling at the edges of the bandage. Keep showers brief.

  • When it is time to remove the bandage, remove it UNDER RUNNING WATER!!! such as in the shower or a tap. DO NOT REMOVE DRY. The tattoo will be sore during this process, take it SLOW.

  • After the bandage is removed, give the tattoo a good wash with a mild, perfume free, hypo-allergenic soap.

  • Allow the tattoo to rest for approx 30 min with nothing on it.

  • Now, you can begin to use super thin layers of a lotion (see below for recommended products and links)

    • be sure to rub the lotion in thoroughly. DO NOT glob on thick layers or leave excess on the skin as this blocks out oxygen and will hamper healing.

    • lotioning can be done several times a day (4-6) if needed.

  • No sun, pools, oceans, lakes hot tubs, bath tubs (any soaking of the area), tanning or spray tans for 3 full weeks.

  • Showers are still good. Please shower!


Healing with Padded bandages:


  • Cover the tattoo (24 hours for outline/48 hours for color or shading)

  • Change the bandage 3x a day. Morning, mid day and before bed.

    • wash the tattoo with cool water, mild soap and bare hands.

    • pat dry and allow to breathe for 10 min.

    • wipe off any excess fluid that may have appeard

    • Apply a very thin layer of ointment, cover with the new bandage.

  • after the bandaging period is done, wash the tattoo well and allow it to rest uncovered and dry for a couple hours.

  • at this time you may start using lotion (see below for recommended products) 5-6 times a day. Rub the lotion in completely, don't leave a thick layer on top as that will "suffocate" the tattoo and not allow oxygen to do its job for the healing process.

  • No sun, pools, oceans, lakes hot tubs, bath tubs (any soaking of the area), tanning or spray tans for 3 full weeks.

  • Showers are still good. Please shower!

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