Random BEE FACT of the day! March 6, 2018 / by Anastasia Powell

Welcome to the first entry in what is hopefully a fun way to learn and become more educated about our incredible and fascinating little friends.

So, with no further ado, bee fact of the day!:

Did you know, that out of the currently recognized 20,000 species of bees worldwide (estimated that there are up to 30,000 with the undiscovered ones), that 70% OF BEES LIVE UNDER GROUND!!

In North America, the two hive bees are Honey Bees and Bumble bees, and even these bees don't hive in dangling nests like in cartoons, but prefer to build in crevices and hollows (this keeps them protected from the elements and unexpected visitors).

I hope that you have found this little tid-bit interesting! Keep checking for new and fun facts!

BEE well!